Windows - Yes we do windows!

  • We can professionally clean exterior and
    interior glass. This process can include wiping
    down dirty screens as well.
C.J. Cleaning & Maintenance Inc.

  • Bonnet Cleaning - Periodic cleaning of traffic
    lanes with a chemically treated carpet bonnet
    to remove top layer soil and keep carpets
    looking clean.
  • Extraction Cleaning - Heavy duty cleaning
    where the carpet chemically per-sprayed and
    then soils and per-spray are removed through
    extraction with a carpet rinse. Other non -
    rinse methods leave a shampoo residue still in
    the carpet.
    Hard Surface Floors

  • Burnishing/Spray Buffing - The use of a high
    or low speed floor machine to keep floors
    polished and in between periodic top scrub and
    refinishing applications.
  • Top Scrub and Refinish - Machine cleaning a
    dirty floor to remove top layer of floor finish
    and the application of 3 coats of floor finish.
    Gives your floor a deeper shine than stripping
    and refinishing because you leave the good
    layers of finish on the floor rather than
    removing them.
  • Strip and Wax - Removal of old floor finish
    down to the bare tile and the application of 1
    to 2 coats of sealer and up to 3 coats of floor
    finish. The process is necessary with old dirty
    floors. Top Scrub and refinishing can later
    replace this process for subsequent
    applications of new floor finish.