C.J. Cleaning & Maintenance Inc.
Is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Thank you for your interest in our janitorial services corporation.

C.J. Cleaning & Maintenance Inc.
, is a medium size company which is
committed to the specialized needs of our customers. We realize and
appreciate that our personnel are our most valuable asset. We have been
providing our clients with the quality personal, equipment and resources to
give them the excellent service they expect since 1998.

We here at
C.J. Cleaning are consistently looking for ways to improve our
service to our clients. One of the ways we accomplish this, is by hiring
motivated employees. If you are self motivated and take pride in your work,
we are interested in you.

C.J. Cleaning & Maintenance strives to provide the finest and most trouble
free service possible. We do this by providing excellent employees the
resources and knowledge to accomplish the job. If you feel you can be a
part of our team, than take this opportunity to contact us.


C.J. Cleaning & Maintenance
C.J. Cleaning & Maintenance Inc.

Hiring Status

All Positions filled to date.

We are always happy to look over your resume for
future consideration. We enjoy a high retention rate
within our company, because we take the time and
care to hire the best. Please take the time to submit
your information.

C.J. Cleaning & Maintenance